Be a Farmer be a Millionaire


A Botswana Horticulture Conference - Maun

  1. Are you tired of growing crops that don't sell?
  2. Have you been waiting for funding to start your Horticultural project but things are not working out?
  3. Do you understand import/export food restrictions. How can you take advantage of that situation and prosper?
  4. Have you been retrenched from your mining job or any other job and you think it is the end of the road?
  5. Do you think laziness is your cup of tea and you can't do anything about it?
  6. How do you bridge the gap between supply and demand in supermarket and chain stores.
  7. Who is that farmer who can do exceedingly beyond what you can imagine. I think that farmer is a Motswana who will attend this one day come together!

"If i met you  Eric 5 years ago this time i could have been a millionaire" Said 65year old Mr.Gabasiane at Gabane (27April2019),

Hosted by Eric K Mwenda (Global Business Speaker)

150 Pula Entrance Fee

Saturday, July 6, 2019 - 07:00 to 16:15

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