Who we are



Gland Park's www.farmproducts.biz is a marketing and digital platform that connects farmers, buyers, suppliers, and consumers to ensure the effective and efficient supply of fresh farm products. At the same time, the website promotes the farm lifestyle and healthy living. The website aids farmers to access vital farming information, to advertise their product details including; variety/breed, harvest date/age, available quantity, price, and location. The information on their products is accessed by local and international markets; retailers, hotels, government schools, hospitals, street vendors and the public. This helps buyers to effectively plan their orders and ensure a continuous supply of fresh farm products to consumers.

To ensure quality, quantity, and sustainability in Agribusiness;

  • Farm inputs and equipment suppliers share information about their products and services on the website
  • Articles about Agribusiness and Event updates are also shared on the website to facilitate the interaction between suppliers, farmers, and consumers.

Gland Park www.farmproducts.biz also offers workshops and seminars.


To bridge the gap between the commercial farmer and the consumer.


To ensure that farmers have all the necessary information to improve the quality and quantity of their farm products and also advertise, sell and deliver their products directly to people.


  • Honesty 
  • Transparency 
  • Commitment 
  • Accountability


  • Farmers advertising space
  • Online shop for farm products
  • Advertising space for farm inputs suppliers
  • News articles and important information on farming
  • Farming events advertising calendar
  • Advertise Farming jobs
  • Agribusiness workshops and seminars
  • Consultation on Agribusiness value chain