AgriSJG is a division of SJG Capital (Pty) Ltd, a South African registered company (Reg.: 2014/212571/07). AgriSJG is focused on the provision of cheap and affordable agriculture and farming technologies, equipment, machinery, inputs, products and advisory services.

We are an entrepreneurial company that is focused on emerging and small-scale farmers in South Africa and Africa in general. We work closely with small-scale farmers, study their processes and activities with the aim of further developing systems and technologies that are suitable for their operations and further increase their yields and productivity. Our technologies, machines, equipment, inputs and advisory services are suitably designed and tailored to the needs of the small-scale farm holdings. Our conviction is that it is easier and cheaper to mechanize and transform small-scale farm holdings with modern technologies as compared to large “big” farms.

We work hand-in-hand with small-scale farmers, private companies, Governments, multilateral, bilateral, NGOs and agriculture investment organizations. We endeavour to accelerate the economic and human development of the African citizens through our investments in agriculture/farming technologies, equipment, machinery, irrigation systems and advisory services for small-scale farmers.

It is our conviction that Africa has the potential to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in record time. Africa also has the greatest potential to grow its agriculture, agro-processing industry and manufacturing base in an accelerated way. However, that achievement can only be achieved and sustained with the adequate supply of cheap, affordable and appropriate technologies, equipment and machinery suitable for its farmers.

At agriSJG, we align ourselves fully within the development requirements of the African growing economies. We deploy our investments, R&D, human capacity and resources in an effective value creation way, with a visible impact on the livelihoods of the African people, driven by efficiency and motivated by a deep commitment to reducing poverty and strengthening regional economies and trade.

Small-Scale Farmers Development Director: Panichi Gundo

Panichi’s experience is rooted in innovation, entrepreneurship, manufacturing and small business development. Before joining agriSJG, Panichi worked in the investment and project finance portfolios at China Overseas Investment Services in Beijing and at Astronergy Solar in Shanghai. Prior to that, Panichi worked for his own consultancy company Jessina Naome & Associates (2006-2013) in Johannesburg. In his early career, Panichi worked for The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), Africa Management Communications (AMC), The Financial Gazette and Africa Rainmaker Management Consultancy.

Panichi holds the joined University of South Africa (UNISA) & The Open University of UK Business School Master of Business Administration (MBA), Post Graduate Certificate in Mechanics of Project Finance (Middlesex University, UK) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Graduate School of Marketing Management, South Africa).

Panichi is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, agriculture and small-scale farmers’ development.

Business Contacts

10th Floor, Management House,
38 Melle Street, Braamfontein,
2001, Johannesburg
Landline: +27 11 052 2330
Mobile/WhatsApp: +27 63 305 0085